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Harry was soaking wet and this would help the electricity flow. Next to some bad; who soon threatened poor Harry with rape. When they came for him he was shivering and scared. But after a week, Harry decided to bring the subject up to his wife. He was blackmailing them and now his wife was trapped in his web.s armpits, ball sack, his penis, buttocks, and anus. They gave him his clothes and after he dressed, they dragged him out of the cell.s attitude was a lot different. When Harry told him, 39 and 15 respectively, Munyambu then asked how many children he and his wife had. d be willing to let you go for a consideration of one million shillings. He was unsure of how to do it, but just told her the truth. The next night, there was a dinner scheduled at their home for his in-laws.But, when the Chief Inspector again demanded two million shillings, all Harry could do was beg and plead for some slack. Your wife would have to work off the balance in my movies. When he told her that she was going to have to work off his debt, she was stunned. Munyambu had found a way to get his hands on both their throats. After dinner, Kate was in the kitchen, when Harry got a call on his cell phone.He told Munyambu that he could come up with maybe.... It was Munyambu and he wanted Kate and Harry to meet him and Kamau for a drink at a seedy bar on Friday at 9pm. Several people, mostly black but a few whites too, came by to pay their respects. He was a grizzled, lean smallish man with a pot belly.Kamau sealed off the men Next, he got Kate up against the wall, made her pull her own panties down and then gave her a good fucking. He was mortified and hated the fact that the black waiter was witnessing his shame.Men wanting to use the restroom heard him putting it to her hard. Harry worked on a third drink to ease his discomfort. It was obvious to him, at that point, that Munyambu really enjoyed humiliating him. Kamau went on to act in a way which established his domination of Kate and with every new indignity, Harry felt like he was being swept along in a wide, fast, muddy river. Munyambu had him, and now his wife caught like flies in a web.

He would turn them into prostitutes and performers in porn videos.He and Kamau maintained a small office in the warehouse.He was close to an Army Colonel, John Ojuang, at the Langata barracks across the street from the police station.Both men chuckled as the Chief Inspector said this, making Harry sick with shame and forcing Kate to blush. Harry ran thru his options in his mind as he sat there. The worst thing was that they would be using her in THAT WAY.And that she worried how she would be able to endure it.t know what to do. Harry sat there feeling sick to his stomach not knowing if he should be watching or leaving as the black man groped his wife and soon, she was reacting.

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He was trying to be polite, but he was sick with fear. They hustled him to their lorry and drove ten kilometers to the station. Senior Inspector Munyambu came by to see how it was going. Everybody in Kenya was guilty of breaking the law at one time or another. When Munyambu told Harry that to get himself out of trouble would cost two million shillings, he got sick.